Question: What areas of Indiana do you service?

Answer:  We provide landscaping and irrigation services to all of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.  We provide weekly maintenance services to all of central Indiana from Plainfield to Cumberland, and Cicero to Franklin.

Question: What is the best height to cut my lawn at?

Answer: Purdue University recommends that you cut it as tall as you can.  We cut to a length of 3.5”.

Question: Do I need grub treatment?

Answer: We only recommend a grub control treatment if there is damage due to an infestation.  Grubs are normal to be found in every lawn and are helpful when not over-populated.  To find two or three in a square foot of turf or flower bed is normal.  More than that is when you start to see a problem.  Grub control applications are rather expensive.

Question: The turf next to our pond looks terrible.What can be done?

Answer: Due to EPA regulations, most of the products are restricted to 20 to 30 feet away from the water’s edge.  This area can not be treated by conventional methods.  To treat this area is expensive, due to the types of products that can be used, the way they can be applied, and the frequency that they need to be applied for a successful application.

Question: How much should I water my lawn?

Answer: Most turf grass needs only one inch of water per week during hot and dry periods.  Watering two or three times a week for longer periods is a lot better for your turf than watering short periods every day.  You want to train your turf to grow roots deep.  Watering a little every day causes roots to develop shallow, which will cause the grass to become stressed very easily.  Ask us how we can conserve water while making your yard look fantastic.